Fast Water Northwoods Smallmouth

Fast Water Northwoods Smallmouth

Wisconsin is home to some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the United States.  Whether you are looking in your local creek, one of the large sprawling lakes that dot the landscape of northern Wisconsin, in a river that runs through the middle of busy metropolitan area or on one of the large brawling, bashing, rock-strewn rivers of the north, a smallmouth bass can be found.   If you are just getting into chasing smallmouth bass on the fly or have been at it for many years we hope that you will learn something by going through this site.  On here you can find some of our favorite fly patterns that have been used, tested and tweaked to fit different fishing techniques. From early in the season during the pre-spawn times, to the low-water weedy months in the heat of summer, we have cataloged a variety of  flies that are working in the waters around Wisconsin.  We will also post fishing reports periodically to keep you up to date on what is happening on the water we are fishing.  The basis of this site is to be an area where people can exchange ideas, fly patterns etc, so feel free to comment on the reports section.  Remember as with all things regarding content on the internet try to keep it clean and even more importantly, respectful.

 River’s End Guide Service LLC

Guide with Wisconsin smallmouth

Guide Chris Jape with an early-season Menominee Smallmouth

Our guide service was established to offer anglers a unique experience on the fast, shallow, beautiful rivers of northeast Wisconsin.  Many parts of these rivers are inaccessible except by shallow drafting boats such as canoes, kayaks or drift boats.  River’s End Guide Service uses western style drift boats because they not only offer a stable platform to fish from, but they also allow the fisherman and guide to move into places  that others may have difficulty accessing.  To check out more about guided trips for smallmouth  in northern Wisconsin go to the Guide Service section at the top of the page or click here.

Releasing a Menominee Smallmouth

Beautiful Smallmouth Going Back Home After a Great Fight

Hyde Drift Boat

A Relaxing and Fun Way to Get Down  has to Offer