2009 Opening Day

The water this year is a little higher than normal but not at the high levels like has been seen in the past.  The fish really didn’t start turning on until later in the day after the water had warmed up enough to get them going.  Right at the last light of the day multiple very nice fish were caught using clouser minnow patterns.  The smallmouth needed a fly on the bottom this day and barely moving.    It feels good having the season open again.  After the first fish was hooked up winter seemed to be nothing but a distant memory with the promise of a new fishing season unfolding in front of us.  prespawn smallmouth flyfishing before dark on the menominee river

walleye caught flyfishing the menominee river in wisconsin

30 inch Menominee Walleye caught on a Clouser Minnow

Favorite highlight of the day was dragging weighted streamers through a hole which holds a lot of fish all year round.  A good friend of mine was slowly stripping in as the boat was making it’s way through the tail of the rapids when suddenly he felt a tug.  He set the hook and immediately knew that   A.) This is a big fish and B.) This isn’t a smallmouth.  Their was a lot of moving the boat around to keep the fish out of the faster water.  The fish wouldn’t show itself for the longest time until it finally surfaced and we saw it indeed wasn’t a smallmouth but instead a giant walleye.  It ended up measuring just over 30 1/2″.  Awesome fish.  As soon as the water warms up a little bit more the fish will get more and more active.  Can’t wait.  Good luck to everyone out there.


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