Backyard Smallies

Due to a little change in my schedule I found myself having some late afternoons free to myself.  A good friend of mine with a couple extra kayaks suggested going to a local river he fishes often for some smallmouth fly fishing.  I had heard in the past that this small river could have good smallmouth fishing so I was excited to try out this water and see what it had in store.  I still get a kick out of fishing new water and after fishing here I can definitely see the benefits.  But more on that later…The river was perfect for kayaking.  Slow enough where you could get casts into a lot of areas but fast enough that you never felt the need to paddle to keep moving down river.  The fishing was consistently consistent on that day.  The fish were not coming on every cast but often enough that you never felt frustrated by a lack of fish.  The fish were not huge by any stretch but there were some that pushed the 17 inch mark, which for a river this small were quite big.  The smaller fish often meant that some of my bigger streamers were often looked at by fish but often ignored.  Once I downsized from a larger murdich minnow to a smaller shannon streamer and slowed my presentation I found that the fish were much more willing to cooperate.  I also found that different color combinations worked considerably better than my home water on the Menominee.  I had a great time picking apart this new river and can see myself going back more and more.  If you live anywhere in the upper Midwest this water is close to you and is worth exploring.  You don’t need an expensive boat with a 100 hp motor.  Often all you need is a pair of waders, a kayak or canoe and a desire to explore your own backyard a little more.  Go try it, you will be happy to see what is out there.

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