Beginnings of Summer

  This summer started off like most others here on the Menominee River.  The water has cleared nicely and the fish are really starting to move fast for streamers.  Some cold nights have pushed off the morning bite a little bit but if you slow down your presentations and get flies closer to the bottom the fish really have been responding well.  A lot of fish have been taking larger suspended minnow patterns, like Bad Hair Days in white with a little purple flash or murdich minnows with grey and silver.  Crazi-craws continue to be a go to crayfish pattern along with clousers when the fishes moods are a little off.

The late afternoon and evening bites have been spectacular the last few weeks.  Twitching neutrally buoyant flies over likely lies has been the real bread and butter winner for us.  It’s always satisfying when you have to take a minute from fishing on some days just to rest your arm.  This doesn’t happen every day but when it does it is something to really cherish. 

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