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Summer smallmouth fishing

Putting Damsels in Distress

The weeds are up again and that means one thing for me here up on the Menominee; damsel and dragonflies.  These beautiful creatures make up a significant part of Menominee River smallmouth’s diets.  Besides minnows and crayfish, I would put these flies in the top 3.  When you are rowing the boat they are all […]

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Wet and Cold

The 4th of July is what I usually like to think of as the peak fishing for the year for smallmouth.  Now this can often be up for debate, prespawn can often get you bigger fish and August can have some stellar days too, but for a general start to the regular fishing of summer […]

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Beginnings of Summer

  This summer started off like most others here on the Menominee River.  The water has cleared nicely and the fish are really starting to move fast for streamers.  Some cold nights have pushed off the morning bite a little bit but if you slow down your presentations and get flies closer to the bottom […]

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Family Fun

This summer I have had the opportunity to go fishing not only with a lot of members of my family but have also had the privilege of taking grandfathers and granddaughters and some father’s and sons.  Fishing can be a great way to bring people together.  Personally, it has been great watching the little one’s in […]

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Summer Smallies

Since the end of May the skies have opened up in northern Wisconsin.  The area has seen a lot of rain, and with it higher than normal water levels.  As of today the water levels around the normal mark but in late May to early June the Menominee and its tributaries were running extremely high […]

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Smallmouth in the Heat

Smallmouth fishing in the middle of the summer.  The water has dropped and cleared nicely in the last few weeks.  The top water bite has been good with fish beginning to key in on damsel/dragonfly patterns.  Large fish will eat these things like brown trout rising for a hex.  Sometimes the smallest of takes can […]

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The Other Ones

The river is finally starting to drop and clear a little bit.  Out of the whole season, this has to be one of my favorite times to fish.  There is still plenty of water making floating the river a lot of fun.  The water is swift enough to keep you always moving downriver but not […]

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Looking Up

Even though the water has been higher this summer than years past the fishing hasn’t changed drastically.  The fish are still relating to most of the same spots they would during normal years but it seems that they are hitting flies a little more recklessly than usual.  During most summers the bigger fish tend to […]

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The Next Generation

It seems that if you blink for more than a second your kids just decide to grow up without you even barely noticing.  I had the great pleasure of taking my daughter out fishing today on the river.  At her  age it can be hard to pull her away to go spend some time in […]

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