Family Fun

This summer I have had the opportunity to go fishing not only with a lot of members of my family but have also had the privilege of taking grandfathers and granddaughters and some father’s and sons.  Fishing can be a great way to bring people together.  Personally, it has been great watching the little one’s in my own family grow and turn into some great anglers.  I look forward to the day when they can take the oars out of my hands and take the old guy down the river and let me fish.  The water up north has really come down and with the warm weather the fish have really been aggressive.  Streamers and poppers continue to catch fish.   Streamers moved quickly through the water with long pauses continue to catch fish regularly.  It’s important to vary the cadence of the retrieve regularly.  A good tactic is to not just rely on stripping in the fly to impart action but to also use the entire rod to impart subtle action and quick bursts.  Just remember to keep the slack in the fly line to a minimum.  When the water is warm smallmouth can hit very fast and if you have a lot of slack in the line you can often miss the fish.  Poppers seem to be just the opposite.  The less you pop them the better.  I often find that the fish will hit the popper when it is just sitting there most often than not.  Chartreuse and black have been a great color lately with yellow always being a good choice also. When things slow down bouncing a crayfish pattern or a clouser minnow off the bottom in deeper water has always been a way to bring fish into the boat.  As the weather and water warm up and get clear don’t be afraid to throw smaller patterns near the shore or go searching in deeper water.  Good luck fishing summer smallmouth fishing with kidspike caught on the menominee river in wisconsin by 5 year old kidspinner fishing for menominee river smallmouth in wisconsin out of drift boat

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