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wisconsin, smallmouth, streamer

Smallmouth Caught on Large Streamer

wisconsin, smallmouth

Wisconsin Smallmouth Heaven

River’s End Guide Service prides itself on having over 30 years of fishing experience on the Menominee River in Wisconsin.  Our first and foremost goal is for our clients to walk away with an appreciation for the water and fish that we are all so fortunate to have.  We also hope that beginners and advanced anglers alike will be able to learn something new.  Whether it is a new fly, a different technique to using specific flies or  learning something new about smallmouth themselves, we hope every trip is not only fun but educational.  We go to great lengths to make sure your trip is not only exciting and memorable but also safe.  The weather and river can change constantly so we plan and prepare for any and all situations before each trip so you can concentrate on just having a fun day on the water catching fish.  So if you are planning a fishing trip in the future and love chasing smallmouth bass on the fly we would be honored to guide you down one of the best smallmouth rivers in the Midwest.

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Dark fish from some dark water

All guided days on the river are 8 hours long at a minimum.  If you sign up for a day of fishing a $150 deposit is needed to reserve your spot.  The balance of the amount due is to be paid at the end of the trip.  If a trip is cancelled by you the deposit is not refunded.  If the trip happens to be cancelled by the guide a rain check will be issued for fishing on a future date.  The most likely scenario for the guide cancelling a trip is due to extremely inclement weather.  Your guide will contact you in advance of the trip to organize a meeting place and go over any questions you may have.

*  Full Day Float Trip- $375 for one day

*1-2 Anglers (Minimum of 8 hours)

*  Price includes- Lunch, beverages, rod & reels and flies.  Feel free to bring your own rod and reel if you wish.

*  River’s End Guide Service’s guide is a certified EMT in the State of Wisconsin.


Things to Bring With You:

prespawn, smallmouth, wisconsin

Early Pre-Spawn Wisconsin Smallmouth

*  A valid Wisconsin/Michigan fishing license 

*  Polarized Sunglasses–  A lot of smallmouth fishing is visual and having polarized glasses will help you see fish striking and cruising in the shallow water.  Glasses are also important eye protection from flies flinging around the air.

*  Rain Gear– A rain jacket is a must and pants or waders with lace up boots are nice also.  For warmer weather bring along rain gear that is lightweight and breathable.

*  Hat-  A nice hat always helps to keep you fishing.  A wide brim hat will keep the sun off your face and make for a much more pleasurable day.

*  Camera-  River’s End will take pictures and send them to you after the trip but we always recommend to bring your own camera to take some shots yourself.

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Back country Fishing

*  Warm clothes-  Layers of warmer clothes are always recommended especially in the early season.  Temperatures can change drastically in a short period of time so      be prepared for the worst that the weather can throw at you.

*  Medications-  For most people this is a no-brainer but  for instance, if you are allergic to bee stings make sure to bring your Epi-Pen.  Often we are hours from civilization and definitive medical care so if a medical situation arises make sure you are prepared.  Our guide is a certified EMT with a first-aid kit but make sure you are also prepared on your end to mitigate any situation that may arise.