H2O No Mo

Please, please, please stop raining.  It has been a wet and cold summer in Wisconsin this year.  Of course this doesn’t mean that the fishing has been bad, instead it just means that you have to search around a little to find the fish and try different tactics throughout the day to get them to bite.  I have found fish to eat poppers, intermediate sinking flies and full sinking flies all in a short distance.  Lately faster sinking flies like clousers, wooly buggers, and crayfish imitations have really turned some fishing days for the better.  If those flies stop working don’t be afraid to change flies and change flies often.  Never live or die by a fly just because it caught you fish last year at this time regardless of the water conditions.  When the conditions are not “normal” it is time to fish in a not so normal fashion.  To tell you the truth I have had some of the most fun this year fishing than I have had in some time.  The challenging conditions really make the fishing different and with that increases your range of skills as an angler.  After this years water I have definitely learned some lessons for when the water and nature take those unexpected turns.  So what have I learned:  For one I have learned that slowing down presentations can be crucial at times when the water is up and moving.  It is important to get a fly to the fish and leave it there for as long as possible.  Secondly I have learned that even though the water is dirty and we may have a hard time seeing our flies, the fish are doing just fine seeing them.  Don’t be fooled those fish can find your fly in some extremely murky water.  To help them find it don’t be afraid to use those flies that incorporate a little movement while they sit on the bottom, or flies that incorporate rattles.   And again this doesn’t mean you need to be fishing on the bottom the entire time.  Make sure to try flies that cover the entire water column.   The fish are still hungry and willing to come up for a fly.  Break out those poppers and suspending flies and give them a whirl, at times they prefer these over anything else.  So even though the water is up don’t be shy, get out there and start picking apart the puzzle, you’ll be surprised by what you find.  

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