June Bug

  Now that the spawn is over it is time to get out and chase the smallmouth till the end of the season.  The water is still a little high up here in Northeastern Wisconsin but has been dropping nicely, but with recent rains it  has fluctuated up and down quite a bit so far.  This simply means that you have to take the water and especially the extra current into account when looking for fish this year.  A lot of our fish this year have been found in eddys, behind islands and also on the  back side of inside river bends.  These fish after spawning are not looking to fight the current but they are looking to eat to recuperate after the rigors of spawning.  The water on some days has been really stained so the normal white flies I like in clearer water haven’t been working as well as years past.  I have been finding that this year darker flies and bright chartreuse flies have been my top producers.  A fly that combines those two contrasting aspects have been especially effective.  Even with the higher water fish are still taking flies on top especially during the warmest times of the day.  Now if we could get a stretch of sunny and hot weather we could really get the fishing going in high gear.  Flies working so far this time of year have been Bad Hair Days, Yuppy Scums, Crazi Craws and of course any poppers.

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