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prespawn smallmouth flyfishing in northern wisconsin

Since after opening day the great State of Wisconsin has been rained on in a pretty consistent manner.  The river’s of the area haven’t been blown out but they definitely have a full head of steam and are running a little more full than usual.  The spawn came and went and I concentrated my efforts on trout for a while until it was over and the fish had a chance to recuperate.  After the lull from the spawn the fish really belly up to the bar and start their summer feeding patterns.  I fished the small river and the big one a couple times and found the fish were really keying in on large streamer patterns and poppers.  With the warming temperatures the fish have also been moving into the faster water where they can ambush a buffet line of living things that float past them.  I really don’t mind the high water because the fish seem to abandon some of their fear and skittishness and really attack flies.  The stained water means that dark flies tend to work a little bit better.  Whatever fly you use don’t be afraid to impart plenty of action to it.  These aren’t the slow presentation days of the pre-spawn.  These fish are predators and they love to attack things. Especially look for those banks that have submerged tall grass.  It is a prime area during these high water times for smallmouth to hide.  Just remember smallmouth love to hit flies on the pause so every once in a while put a big pause in your presentation and keep an eye on that fly.  Again if you are thinking of wading the smaller rivers of this area for trout or bass make sure to bring a wading staff and be careful.  Especially when the water is really moving like it is this time of the year.daves falls in northern wisconsin flyfishingsmallmouth flyfishing in marinette county wisconsin DSC01938 postspawn wisconsin smallmouth flyfishing

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