Northwoods Spring


Some of my favorite fishing, especially for big fish happens in the springtime here in Wisconsin.  Some years you can be fishing in the snow and others, like the last few years you can be fishing in t-shirts getting a sunburn.  What rarely changes though is that the water is usually up, a little on the murky side and often moving pretty quick.  Often this necessitates using either fast sinking flies or incorporating full sinking lines into your arsenal.  This year in the spring was no different.  As always minnow streamer patterns were often the king of the day.  This spring I started using a fly pattern called the Bad Hair Day and found it to be very effective.  The fly suspended great in the water and had a lot of movement during the pauses, a must for colder water fishing.  When all else failed fishing slow and deep with a clouser or wooly bugger always brought up a few fish.  Often the best times of fishing was later in the afternoon because the water was the warmest for the day causing fish to get active enough on some days to take a popper.  Unfortunately spring fishing was short lived once again this year because fish were starting to get on there beds right after the season began, and I always leave these fish alone to do their thing.  Before we all know it summer will be in full swing and the fish will get even more active with the rising water temperatures.



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