Pre-Spawn 2017

  So starts another season of smallmouth fishing in Northeastern Wisconsin.  This year like the last few has been a little warmer than usual and the river levels are not too high.  I usually spend the opener fishing smallmouth on the Menominee but this year I postponed that trip to do a little musky fishing in southern Wisconsin.  No muskies were brought to the net but we were able to catch some nice largemouth on large streamer patterns and had some nice muskies following our flies.   When I did make it out for smallmouth I found the river in it’s banks, a little off color but definitely at levels conducive to fly fishing.  The first day out found fish in the usual haunts.  Fish were slightly off the banks in the morning and required larger flies on full sinking lines to get the flies down to them.  We also used deep jigging flies and caught some fish but the larger suspending baitfish patterns definitely were catching the eyes of the bass.   As the sun warmed we usually were able to pick up some fish on floating lines and even the occasional topwater but not as often as years past.  As usual the slack water areas were key to finding fish in the river.  Any time you find one fish during the pre-spawn sit tight and keep casting because more fish are nearby.  It is always great to have another new season start.  Good luck to all of you.

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