Putting Damsels in Distress

The weeds are up again and that means one thing for me here up on the Menominee; damsel and dragonflies.  These beautiful creatures make up a significant part of Menominee River smallmouth’s diets.  Besides minnows and crayfish, I would put these flies in the top 3.  When you are rowing the boat they are all over the oars.  When you stop for lunch they can crawl over your arms and legs and onto your sandwich.  Of course fishing topwater for smallmouth with flies that imitate these bugs can be a lot of fun and entertaining but don’t forget to throw flies that imitate these bugs in their underwater life cycles.  Most days an olive woolly bugger can be enough but don’t be afraid to look in your trout flies and find something in there that would make an acceptable imitation.

These flies can really be prolific on a majority of rivers and lakes across the Midwest, so if you are going bass fishing make sure to bring some imitations along.  Again if you look at all of those foam looking flies in your trout box they will probably do just fine, especially larger mayfly imitations that represent hexegenia mayflies..  Chernobyl Ants or Jim Misiuras Ebony Jewelwing can also be fun patterns to catch these fish on top.

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