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Don’t be afraid to try a lot of different flies when the fishing is difficult.

DSC02001  Things have been a little tougher this summer than years past.  The fish are there and we are throwing flies at them but they are being a little stubborn on some days.  One day they want big streamers in the middle of the water column other days they want a really small popper barely moving on the surface.  It has been an lesson in experimentation that can leave you scrathing your head some days.  On a number of days we will catch a number of fish in a flurry of fishing and then for a couple hours it just shuts down.  My only guess is that the weather hasn’t been very warm so the fish may be a little sluggish.  It may be frustrating some days but those are the days you can learn the most.  Change flies and where you are throwing them to.  Don’t be afraid to take that popper and throw it in the middle of the river.  Don’t just take heavier flies and fish them in the deep water, slowly bounce them off the bottom in some of the shallower shelves and flats.  But most of all don’t forget to have fun while you are out here. Those days you only catch a couple fish you remember and appreciate those fish much more than the days when you catch 20 or 30 of them.   Laugh at the missed hook sets and smile when you fly line gets wrapped around your leg.  If you are having fun when the times are slow it makes the great times even better.flyfishing walleye northern wisconsinwade flyfishing smallmouth in wisconsin rivers    summer flyfishing for smallmouth on the menominee river in wisconsin

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